And…that’s a wrap!!

First of all, we want to say a great big thank you to everyone that came out to ride and race this weekend. We know it was a long day for everyone, and for the most part, everyone was very understanding. For as many people as were there, we had very few conflicts. We appreciate it, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you! I call that a successful day!!
Now, on to our staff! You guys are amazing! The entire weekend wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for each one of you! From Jo and Patty at the gate, to the flaggers that came at the last minute to help, to the guys busting their butts helping to park people and keep the trash in check, everyone contributed to the success of the weekend.
Connie, Amy, Whitney, and Jessica were our sign up and score girls this past weekend. You girls are the best! I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like without a team like you! Great job girls: thank you for what you do!!!
To all of our flaggers, track prep, and gate workers: you guys do a great job! We know it was a long and hot day, but you all do an awesome job! Thank you!! (I don’t want to name names for fear of forgetting someone)
We need to extend a very special thanks to a few people too. Russ Collar and Rich came out to the track a few times before the weekend and laid out the parking. They did an amazing job getting more people into the track than I thought possible. The place was jam packed! Another thank you needs to go to Devon. He is one of our behind the scenes guys. He does all the weed eating and most of the mowing at the track. He also comes after the race weekend and picks up all the trash and empties the cans! That’s a thankless job that we all take for granted, but what he does for us is much appreciated! Jimmy and Nate are our other behind the scenes guys that came before the race to hang banners and get things ready for the weekend. They run our practices and also work a countless number of hours to help us make a successful track!
A couple more thank you’s need to go out. One to our announcer, Derek, who does a fantastic job keeping track of the racing while still talking about off track things too. And the other to JO for bringing his FM transmitter and speakers at the last minute so everyone could hear. (The guy we had lined up to do that bailed on us.) And lastly, to all the vendors that came out to help make the race an event. THANK YOU EVERYONE!
Alright, while the weekend was a huge success, we do realize there were some areas that need some work. We realize that the day was incredibly long, which is to be expected to some degree with the amount of riders, but practice got completely out of hand. The racing started over an hour later than it should’ve. The ideas being considered next year to address this problem are a completely new format for the weekend. This will include a bike/quad practice on Friday. Saturday will be race day for quads. Saturday afternoon/evening there will be a bikes only practice, and Sunday is race day for bikes. Practice on Sunday will be one 4 lap practice per person, no matter how many classes or bikes. Sunday is race day, there will be enough opportunity to practice prior to Sunday. Doing this will make racing start sooner, eliminate the need for excessive track prep, and allow for longer motos. Not to mention, the day will be much shorter! And it will alleviate much of the congested parking.
Ok, I think that’s all. Again, the entire Rogers’ family wants to send our sincerest thank you to everyone for spending the weekend with us at Malvern!!!! Aaaand……that’s a wrap!

I also wanted to mention the results of the North vs. South vs. Invaders!
The unofficial results are: North is in the lead with 17 overalls, then the Invaders attacked with 8 overalls, followed by the South with 7 overalls!
With us being North riders, I say: Oh yeah! Way to go North riders!!!! Keep it up going into the finale!

Battle for Ohio, Aug. 9 & 10

The gates will open Friday at noon. Gate fee is $10 for the weekend. There will be no Saturday gate refunds. Gates will close Friday night at 10pm.

Saturday gates open at 7:30am. Practice starts at 10am and runs till 4pm. Practice will be broken down into groups. We will try to keep rotations at about an hour. $25 per rider. Saturday night gates close at 10pm. Those coming in after 10 will be able to park in grass field across the road. The main pits will most likely be full anyway.

Saturday early race sign up will be open from 10am till 2pm and then again from 4pm till 8pm. AMA and OMA cards are required and available at these times. Reminder- AMA offers a 1 day membership for $20 that is upgradeable. Sign up cost is $25 per class. Pro class is $40.

Saturday night entertainment: The Kames Sports/Fly holeshot challenge is scheduled for 6:30pm. E-mail Jason at: with your name and bikes size to enter. (more info on Facebook) We are also bringing in the sound equipment that is at the summit indoor so the place will be jamming.

Sunday morning gates open at 6am. Sign up opens at 6am, practice at 8:30, racing to follow.

Thermo-Tec AMA PRO-AM…..It will be interesting to see what range of young A riders trying to acquire enough points to get their pro license this draws in. We also will have Pro’s who are there just to get their share of the guaranteed $4,000 purse.

PARKING PARKING PARKING- This has been my biggest concern about this event. We have taken every extra step we can to be sure to have room for everyone, but we need you guys to work with us. We have hired professionals to lay out parking areas and assist with parking so as to make the most of what space we have. We have secured some extra ground and have an overflow back up plan. We will not be able to allow people to save spots, so make arrangements to arrive with those you want to pit with.

See everyone this weekend!!!!

Faircross races

Here’s the faircross schedule for this year:

Knox Co.  July 25

Medina Co.  July 29**

Richland Co.  Aug. 6

Holmes Co.  Aug. 7

Ross Co.  Aug. 8* (put on by Chillitown MX)

Lake Co.  Aug. 13

Belmont Co.  Sept. 6* (put on by MX213)

Ashland Co.  Sept. 18

Coshocton Co.  Oct. 2

All times are as follows:  Sign up at 5, practice at 6, and racing at 7.

**Medina Co. is sign up at 330, practice at 5, and racing at 6.

*Please check with Chillitown and MX213 for their times, as they may differ from the above.