Mid-east area qualifier

We will be holding a mid-east area qualifier on April 11 and 12. Practice will be on Friday, April 10. More info to come very soon! Please go to www.mxsports.com for additional information.

2015 Faircross schedule

July 23 Knox County (Mount Vernon)

July 28 Medina County (Medina)

Aug. 6 Holmes County (Millersburg)

*Aug. 7 Ross County (Chillicothe)

Aug. 12 Lake County (Painesville)

**Sept. 12 Belmont County (St. Clairsville)

Sept. 17 Ashland County (Ashland)

Oct. 8 Coshocton County (Coshocton)

* Ross County Faircross is put on by CTMX. Please contact them for addition information.

**Belmont County Faircross is put on by MX213. Please contact them for additional information.

All other fairs have the following start times:  Sign up- 4 pm, practice- 5:30, racing to begin at 7 pm.

All fair races are a one moto format!!!!




2015 race schedule

March 29 Season opener

April 11/12 LL Area Qualifier (AMA card required, non OMA points)

May 2 Kames Saturday night series

May 16 Kames Sat. night series

June 6 Kames Sat. night series

June 7 Spring Series

July 4 Kames Sat. night series

July 18 Kames Sat. night series

August 15/16 Battle for Ohio Round #2 (AMA and OMA cards required)

Sept. 19 Kames Sat. night series

Sept. 26 Kames Sat. night series

Oct. 3 Kames Sat. night series

Oct. 10 Kames Sat. night series

Nov. 1 Season finale

You must race at least 5 of the 9 Kames Sat. night races to be eligible for a year end award.

All races, except the area qualifier, count toward overall points. You’re best 12 points paying finishes will be used to determine your overall finish for the season. There is no minimum number of races, meaning if you only race 10, they will all count toward your overall. Please ask Connie or Tina if you have any questions about this.