There are several hotels in the area. The closest ones to the track are located in Carrollton. There is also one in Bolivar, and one in Strasburg. And there are several in Canton near the Belden Village mall. All of these areas are between 20 and 30 minutes from the track. You can Google search for any of these areas to choose which one is best for the direction that you are coming from or going to.

Mid-east area qualifier

We will be having an optional practice on Friday, April 10 from 10am-4pm. The cost for practice is $30 per group. You must have a sticker with the corresponding practice number to enter the track. If you are on the track in the wrong group without permission, you will not be permitted to practice. This is for the safety of all riders. *You MUST be an AMA member to practice!! No exceptions! Official practice order will be posted at the sign up building. **Practice groups will be split if an excessive amount of riders are in a class.

Gates will be open:

Thursday-  3-10 pm

Friday-  6am-10pm

Saturday-  6am-10pm

Sunday-  6am

Gate fees for the weekend are as follows:

5 and under- FREE

Thurs.- Sun- $40 per person….6-12- $20 (non racers only)

Fri. – Sun.- $30 per person…6-12 – $20 (non racers only)

Sat. – Sun. – $20 per person…6-12 – $15 (non racers only)

Sunday –  $15 per person…6-12 – $10 (non racers only).

*There will be no refunds for any reason.

NOTE:  Your arm band is your weekend pass! Please keep it on at all times! If it gets lost, you must purchase a new one. If it gets torn, please bring it to the front gate for a replacement. If you leave the track, you must have your band on to re-enter.

Also, you will be parked in the order of arrival. Please plan to meet others off site and arrive together if you want to pit together. Please understand that there is limited space, and park where they guys ask. We promise to do our best to please everyone!

Race fees:

All classes are $35. Plus the $10 MX Sports qualifier form if you are attempting to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s. Pro payback is 100%.

Sign up:

All racers must be present at sign up! Minors must have a legal guardian with them. All armbands must be on. (This will be checked.) No exceptions will be made. Please be prepared with all forms filled out properly before coming to the window. You will have to stand in line again if you forget something.

Thursday:  sign up for Friday practice only!  5-7 pm

Friday:  for practice only- 7am-?

for Saturday and/or Sunday races- 11am-3pm and 5-8pm

Saturday:  for Saturday races only- 6-8:30am

Sunday:  6-8:30am

General information about our facility:

No hook ups or potable water. Bike wash water is available.

Full concession stand will be open for the entire weekend!

Campfires are permitted, but must be kept at a reasonable size.

All pets must be on a leash at all times! This includes unruly children….just kidding! :)

Pit vehicles:  All pit vehicles must have a Malvern “pit pass” sticker.

These are available at the gate for $15. Pit vehicles are for getting to and from the track/sign up only. They are not for joy riding! This will be strictly enforced. Punishment to the rider, including disqualification, is possible. Speed limit in the pits is 10 mph, 1st gear, idle speed. If you’re in a bigger hurry than that….RUN! :)

Please check our Facebook page for the latest updates!!!!!

Please go to for additional information about Lorretta Lynn’s.

2015 Faircross schedule

July 23 Knox County (Mount Vernon)

July 28 Medina County (Medina)

Aug. 6 Holmes County (Millersburg)

*Aug. 14 Ross County (Chillicothe)

Aug. 12 Lake County (Painesville)

**Sept. 12 Belmont County (St. Clairsville)

Sept. 17 Ashland County (Ashland)

Oct. 8 Coshocton County (Coshocton)

* Ross County Faircross is put on by CTMX. Please contact them for addition information.

**Belmont County Faircross is put on by MX213. Please contact them for additional information.

All other fairs have the following start times:  Sign up- 4 pm, practice- 5:30, racing to begin at 7 pm.

All fair races are a one moto format!!!!




2015 race schedule

March 29 Season opener

April 11/12 LL Area Qualifier (AMA card required, non OMA points)

May 2 Kames Saturday night series

May 16 Kames Sat. night series

June 6 Kames Sat. night series

June 7 Spring Series

July 4 Kames Sat. night series

July 18 Kames Sat. night series

August 15/16 Battle for Ohio Round #2 (AMA and OMA cards required)

Sept. 19 Kames Sat. night series

Sept. 26 Kames Sat. night series

Oct. 3 Kames Sat. night series

Oct. 10 Kames Sat. night series

Nov. 1 Season finale

You must race at least 5 of the 9 Kames Sat. night races to be eligible for a year end award.

All races, except the area qualifier, count toward overall points. You’re best 12 points paying finishes will be used to determine your overall finish for the season. There is no minimum number of races, meaning if you only race 10, they will all count toward your overall. Please ask Connie or Tina if you have any questions about this.