Faircross races

Here’s the faircross schedule for this year:

Knox Co.  July 25

Medina Co.  July 29**

Richland Co.  Aug. 6

Holmes Co.  Aug. 7

Ross Co.  Aug. 8* (put on by Chillitown MX)

Lake Co.  Aug. 13

Belmont Co.  Sept. 6* (put on by MX213)

Ashland Co.  Sept. 18

Coshocton Co.  Oct. 2

All times are as follows:  Sign up at 5, practice at 6, and racing at 7.

**Medina Co. is sign up at 330, practice at 5, and racing at 6.

*Please check with Chillitown and MX213 for their times, as they may differ from the above.