2017 Motocross Schedule

These are only the dates for Malvern races. The entire OMA schedule can be found at www.omxa.net  and click on the schedule tab.

Gate fees for all race weekends (except qualifier and battle weekends) is $10 per person, 5 and under free.

~~NEW ADDITION FOR 2017~~ SPOTLIGHT RACES!! See spotlight post for additional information! (coming soon)

March 26  Season opener

April 7-9 Loretta Lynn Qualifier (AMA card required) (bikes only) (non OMA sanctioned)

April 22  Kames Saturday Series

May 13 Kames SS

May 27-28 Battle for Ohio Round #1 (AMA and OMA cards required) **Battle format**

June 3 Kames SS

June 24  Kames SS

July 7 Kames SS

July 22  Kames SS

Aug. 5  Kames SS

Aug. 19  Kames SS

Sept. 9  Kames SS

Sept. 23 Kames SS

Oct. 7 Kames SS

Oct. 28 Kames SS


**Battle format**– practice Saturday for all classes. Saturday afternoon–all quads and PW 50’s race. Sunday morning–all bikes races (except PW 50)