2017 Mid East Area Qualifier

WELCOME!!! We hope that you have a great time at our track! Ride safe and have fun! The following is basic information about the qualifier weekend…

The Mid East Area Qualifier at Malvern MX will be held on April 7-9, 2017. Current AMA membership is required for the entire weekend, including Friday practice. Our track is cash only, please plan accordingly. Please convert Canadian dollars to US prior to arrival.         Any up to date weather or other relevant information can be found at www.facebook.com/racemalvern

The weekend schedule is as follows:

Thursday- gates open at 4 pm and close at 11 pm sharp. No exceptions!   Vendor parking only prior to 4. You will be parked in the order of arrival. If you want to pit with someone, plan to arrive together. (There’s a big empty parking lot across from the McDonald’s/Speedway in Waynesburg less than 5 min. from the track.)

Friday and Saturday- gates open at 6 am and close at 10 pm sharp. No exceptions! If you will be arriving after 10 pm, please make arrangements to sleep elsewhere. Our gate workers need their rest too!

Sunday– gates open at 6 am

Weekend gate fees:

*All racers must pay gate fee regardless of age.*

*5 and under non racers are free but still need to be signed in.*

Arriving Thursday- $40 per person

Arriving Friday- $30 per person

Arriving Saturday- $20 per person

Sunday only-$15 per person

Absolutely no refunds!! Arm bands must be worn at all times. If you break it, simply take it to the gate for a replacement. If you lose it, you must purchase a new one.

Friday practice:     Sign up starts at 8 am at the trophy building. AMA memberships will be available if needed. They are required by the AMA to practice and will be checked. $30 per class, not per person. Some classes will be combined. Sorry for any inconvenience. 3 practice sessions per class guaranteed. Practice will start at 10 am and end at approximately 4 pm.

Saturday and Sunday race registration:     Friday from 10 am to 1 pm, and 3 pm to 6 pm $10 MX Sports forms (one per class) are required if you are trying to qualify for regionals. Please come to sign up with arm bands on, AMA card, and cash. No credit/debit cards. Sorry for any inconvenience. Race fees are $35 per class. Pro classes will be 100% pay back.

On Saturday morning, race sign up will be from 6-830 am. This will be for Saturday race classes only.

On Sunday morning, race sign up will also be from 6-830 am.

***The top 8 in each class will be awarded for this event only.***

All rules, classes, etc. can be found at http://www.mxsports.com

General information:

  • free primitive camping     generators permitted
  • camp fires allowed- please don’t burn pallets or other wood with nails
  • pets welcome- please keep on a leash and clean up after them
  • port a pots will be cleaned daily.
  • non potable water only available for bike wash behind trophy building and from water truck.
  • please keep noise to a minimum after 9 pm. Our racers are top priority,  and they need to sleep.
  • trash bags will be provided at the front gate. Place full bags in or beside metal trash barrels located throughout the pits.
  • pit vehicles are to be used to go to and from sign up, staging, concession, restrooms only. Joy riding through the pits will result in a no pit vehicle rule. Don’t ruin it for everyone. Bicycles highly recommended. Drivers license required to operate all motorized vehicles.
  • Live broadcasting during practice and race days on FM 107.1
  • food and drinks will be available at our concession stand all weekend. No alcohol sales. BYOB if you want it.